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Welcome to Florist on the Water brand new blog

Lets play the music and dance

It was an honour to work with such a great couple, where love was the theme and Romance the colour.

Weddings in the Cotswolds= Perfect

This dreamy bouquet was perfect for the country themed wedding. The dusky pinks look devine against the Cotswolds Stone background.

Summer Wedding in the Cotswolds (2016)

Always face towards the sun and let the shadows fall behind, just like the Sunflower.


New addition

Hello everyone, the lovely Clare from Forgetme Nots has been hard at work transforming the florist shop to make it more comfortable and accessible... I am sure you will join me in congratulating her on the amazing job she has done! ♡ she will reopen her doors tomorrow and would love you to all pop in and say hello x



Graham Findlay 16/08/16

Forget Me Nots are so very lucky to have such kind, talented friends. Today we had a visit from Graham Findlay, a local artist who decided he would like to paint our Court Yard. He said that he felt so inspired to paint here as there were so many points of interest created by the lights and shadows.



Lonely Bouquet 04/08/2016

Today at Forget Me Nots we decided to make someone smile, brighten their day.
So off I set with a beautiful Rose Bouquet to hide within the village of Bourton on the Water. The idea was to create a random act of kindness and the recipient could choose to pay it forward or simply give the bouquet a home.
The bouquet had a message that read;

This little lonely bouquet needs a home, you may keep me or pay it forward, all I ask is that you keep me watered.

We choose a spot and waited for someone to spot it. I could not have imagined the joy I felt having seen a passer by find it. They looked delighted and I am sure the bouquet wasnt lonely for long.


Devilishly beautiful hydrangeas 26/6/2016

"If beauty was a sin, the hydrangeas flower could only be described as the devil."

With the huge orbed shaped flowers ranging in colours from dark purples, pinks and blues it has inevitably become a peoples favourite. It is none other than Great British Flower Week. A week which, florists like Forget Me Nots keep noted in their calendars. A time to celebrate the beautiful flowers which erupt from the British soil we stand o n. The Hydrangea, a chameleon of a flower dependent on the soil and nutrients they are fed, like no other plant have the ability to transform.

Exciting new blog 9/6/2016

Here at Forget Me Nots Bourton, the business is growing, the flowers are blooming and we are introducing an exciting new blog to our page. As summer approaches and the sun begins to shine, flowers really start to come into their own.

The transition from gloomy winters has truly begun. Here at Forget Me Nots the myriad of colours, shapes and scents from our flowers make for truly beautiful bouquets, tributes and installations.

There is no limit to imagination and we believe that anything is possible. At Forget Me Nots we strive to do our absolute best no matter what is asked of us. Our customers are our priority and flowers our passion.

* If you would like to contact us please do give us a call on 01451822561 or drop us an email at